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Small Business Accounting Software Setup and Conversions

  • Do You Want Help To Set Up Your Accounting Software Program?
  • Do You Need To Switch to another Accounting Software?
  • Are You Having Trouble Choosing Between Quickbooks and Sage 50?
  • Are You Tired of Using Excel and Want Computerized Bookkeeping Software?

We Have Experience With Most Accounting Software Programs.

We can convert your accounting software from any of the following: MYOB, Business Visions, Simply Accounting, Excel, Quickbooks Online (QBO), Xero, Wave, Sage One and ACCPAC to your choice of either Quickbooks or Sage 50.

Please note that we are certified experts in Quickbooks and Sage 50 and ONLY CONVERT to one of those programs.

Why Trust AIS Solutions For Your Conversion? 

Since 2000, AIS Solutions has been the chosen provider for helping Canadian businesses of all sizes setup their accounting information systems using the best small business accounting software available. We support and specialize in conversions to Quickbooks and Sage 50 only.


“APD Delivery is a 5 year old, Southern Ontario based Dedicated Fleet Services provider that has over 100 drivers working from 24 customer locations. In our first meeting with Juliet at AIS Solutions, we knew we had found the right partner that would help us transition from a part time bookkeeping clerk working at one of our sites – off a laptop – using Simply Accounting to Quickbooks with all key staff now having 24/7 access from wherever we are working at the time. With Juliet and her team we get all the expertise of a large accounting department at a fraction of the cost. We have been with AIS for over 2 years and have the peace of mind that our financial reporting is in the hands of true professionals we trust. ”

Doug Hannan, President,  APD Delivery

“I was looking for general information on the internet regarding converting from MYOB, and found AIS Solutions. A conversation with Juliet quickly confirmed that my efforts would be best spent by engaging Juliet to assist in the conversion. Her advice was balanced and honest. Juliet helped us through the conversion with simple straightforward instructions. Our training experience was clear and concise – all questions were answered thoroughly. Juliet’s staff is such a pleasure to work with – meaning, no question was too silly! I would definitely recommend Juliet and AIS Solutions to anyone requiring assistance converting or installing accounting software. ”

Deborah Kroch, Director of Finance and Administrative Services,  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

Thanks again for doing this so quickly. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that I can now go forward and not worry about setting this up myself.  What a great service you provide!

S. Jones

What is an Accounting Software Conversion?

An accounting software conversion is the process of moving your accounting and financial data records from one accounting software system to another. The data could be just current fiscal year records or could include your historical data as well.

Examples might be converting from MYOB to QuickBooks or Excel to Sage 50 Accounting, or perhaps from your current manual accounting system to computerized accounting software such as Quickbooks or Sage 50.

To learn more about our accounting software conversion process and how it works you can read about it here.

What Are The Benefits of Converting To Computerized Accounting or Bookkeeping Software?

Today, with huge strides in software and cloud technology there are incredible advantages and benefits for all businesses to convert to a computerized accounting system and you can read more about it here.

What is the best software option for my business – Quickbooks or Sage 50? 

As industry leaders, Quickbooks and Sage 50 are the standards by which others are measured and are both great choices for your new accounting software. They both do a great job and quite often it just comes down to personal preference as to which you decide to utilize for your business.

What If I Need Training and Support On My New Accounting Software? 

All of our system conversions include training and support on the proper use of the accounting software.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accounting Program Conversions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions we have received over the years of performing accounting software conversions.

If you have questions, need advice or would like to discuss your accounting system conversion please contact us now for a free, no obligation consultation.

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