Bookkeeping Services for Not-for-Profit Organizations and Charities

  • Is the increase in regulatory and operational demands a constant challenge for your existing bookkeeping system?
  • Are the decrease of public funding and the increasing reliance of fund raising programs putting excessive pressure on your internal cost management?
  • Are you keeping up with all the latest government mandates to ensure all your services and processes are as effective and efficient as possible?


We understand your challenges. You have one of the toughest situations for any organization to face. Profit or Not for Profit.

  • Increasing government demands on your financial reporting
  • The need for timely and accurate information to meet your fiduciary duty of fiscal management
  • Limited Working Capital
  • Breakeven Budgets
  • Limited administrative resources

AIS Solutions has years of experience working with not for profit organizations and as the bookkeeper for your non-profit organization, AIS Solutions understands the responsibility for keeping clear, up-to-date and accurate bookkeeping records

We can provide you with solutions you need with our knowledgeable and efficient support.

  • Cleaning up past issues to have efficient and smooth audits and reviews
  • Setting up the reporting structure to ensure accuracy, transparency and clarity
  • Streamline your financial operations to operate in the most effective way

The government mandates for operating a non-profit organization are very specific and highly regulated. With AIS Solutions as your bookkeeping partner we ensure that all of the financial rules are met and your management team can focus on your non-profit organization.

You have your business goals….we have solutions. Let’s talk.

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