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QuickBooks Tips & Tricks: Tracking Customer Orders

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QuickBooks Tips and Tricks Post It NoteThis post is part of an ongoing series we will be running in the upcoming weeks and months on tips and tricks to make it easier for small business owners to understand and use QuickBooks as efficiently as possible.

New customer order but only a portion delivered? QuickBooks can track that!

QuickBooks tracks inventory and even reminds you when to re-order or when you are getting low.

Have more questions about using QuickBooks? Want to get hands-on training to and really start to learn your way around it? Take a look at our QuickBooks training program and see if we can help you!


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Juliet is the founder of AIS Solutions and has since become a trusted business partner to many small and mid-sized companies. Her 20 plus years of experience in Business, and as an Accountant, provides her with the knowledge that is fundamental to running any enterprise. However, it is her passion in developing relationships with business owners and helping them to gain control of their finances that is her strength. Juliet can be contacted by email or by calling 1 888 575 5385.