5 Tips to Keep Your Team Motivated

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It’s said that we get out of life what we put into it, and the same goes for the working world. If employees are low on morale and don’t feel like they’ve got enough motivation to deliver the results expected of them, they won’t – it’s that simple. Properly motivated and mindful of the fact that they’re working in a healthy, enjoyable and well-managed workplace, however, they will have a much easier time on focusing on meeting their goals.

Motivation is an issue that’s always been on the minds of leaders everywhere, whether it’s a modern workplace or an ancient battlefield. Finding the right way to motivate a team, however, can be difficult, as everyone has a different style when it comes to how they work and what drives them.

Carolyn Stern has written an article at Small Business BC called 5 Tips To Help Motivate Your Team, offering a look at different motivational tactics that can help push employees forward in a positive manner. Her tips range from full team meetings to simple and fun activities, and despite the fact that it’s a rather quick read, by the end I had more advice on the subject than I could use. Here’s a look at one of the tactics, as well as some examples of how it can be implemented:

3.  Empower Your Team

It is important for your team to feel empowered in order to build team spirit, to have a positive working culture and to encourage creativity. 

Ways to do this are:

  • Change it up – change people’s responsibilities each week
  • Take turns chairing meetings
  • Have a “manager for the day”
  • Have group discussions to share creative sales ideas

This one is a sort of mix. Sure, switching up the meeting chair or having a “manager for the day” might sound like just a fun office idea, but it may lead to more productive meeting. It’ll allow people to loosen up a little bit more, and the change of roles might actually offer a fresh perspective that helps move things forward.

Motivation is a tough spot for any manager, no matter how big, small, old or new their business may be. Miss Stern’s article offers a full range of options for pulling a team together and helping them stay focused and driven. We’d recommend giving it a read and seeing if you find something new.

What strategies do you use to keep your team motivated? Did you find any of these helpful? Have you tried them before? Your thoughts, stories and comments are always welcome, so let us know!

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