The Must-Have Digital Skills When Bootstrapping Your Business

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woman having brilliant idea colorful lightbulb above head, isolated grey wall background. human face expressions, emotions, feelings. creativity, imagination, dynamism, intelligence concept Before the onset of smartphones, tablets, and the general technological revolution that we’ve seen change the way we do business over the past 20 or so years, much of our personal and professional lives were taken care of on paper – contacts, finances, notes, etc. And while there was no overnight change, no sudden shift from low-tech to high-tech, the 2000s saw the business world begin to truly embrace the idea that just about everything we do can be done digitally.

That’s why today’s entrepreneur is in a much different situation than one from the days where pen and paper were dominant. When looking to start a business, having at least a little more than a layperson’s understand of technology is no longer just an added asset, it’s a necessity. Today, getting a business off the ground will be next to impossible if the person in charge of it isn’t familiar with basic computer programs and skills.

An article over at Small Business BC sheds a little more light on this subject. Entitled The Must-Have Digital Skills When Bootstrapping Your Business, it takes a look at some of the programs that new business owners should familiarize themselves with – at least at the start, before they’re able to hire someone that has a full understanding of them and can take it from there.

Here’s a snippet:


Once you have your head wrapped around what’s going on in your business, you’ll be want to communicate these metrics in a compelling way to everyone from potential investors to your sales staff to prospective clients. A well-designed slidedeck is a great way to do this.

Getting comfortable with PowerPoint, the most recognized business presentation program around, will help you tell the story about your company’s vision and also your mission. When competing for work, you’ll need to have be able to show off what your company does best and to synthesize it into a short presentation. 

As an bonus, the best slides can be transformed into select webinars that get shared and talked about beyond the boardroom. Those who create great presentations will rise above; great imagery is one of the keys to standing out.

It doesn’t take too long to master the basics of PowerPoint, and it’s a huge asset when you want to put together any sort of presentation for colleagues or clients. Taking the time to learn how to use it at a beginner’s level is definitely worth it, and when the day comes where someone needs to see some data about your business on a big screen, you’ll be ready to put a great presentation together in no time.

The article recommends two other programs that new business owners should be sure to familiarize themselves with, but we’ll let you take a look to see what they are. If you’re getting a company off the ground, or are still in the process of building a new business, we’d recommend giving this one a read.

What do you think? Did you take the time to learn any new digital skills before starting your business? Do you agree that they’re necessary in today’s tech-centric world? Your thoughts are always welcome, so let us know!

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