Need a Refresher on Time Management?

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time management concept with multitasking businessman with many hands and successful planning elements illustrationEven the most organized entrepreneurs can find themselves falling behind when their to-do lists get a little too long. That’s to be expected with the unpredictability of running our own business: some days are smooth sailing, while others are so hectic that we can’t even think about the items we planned on ticking off our tasks lists.

That’s why it’s always good to get a refresher on time management and look into new ways we haven’t yet considered to making sure we’re prioritizing properly and staying as productive as possible. We’ve come across an article on entitled 10 Time Management Tips That Work, which we’d recommend for any business owners looking for fresh ways to manage the multitude of tasks that come their way each day.

Here’s one of their tips:

Schedule time for interruptions. Plan time to be pulled away from what you’re doing. Take, for instance, the concept of having “office hours.” Isn’t “office hours” another way of saying “planned interruptions?”

Like we said at the start of this article, running your own business is unpredictable. We can probably expect at least one pretty significant interruption a day – on a good day – and with no way of knowing how much of our time they’ll take up, it’s best to plan ahead and make sure we’ve got some extra space set aside for all those variations on, “Hey, you got a sec?”.

While we may have a pretty good grasp on how to manage our time already – something that any entrepreneur will tell you comes with the territory of business ownership – this is a topic on which we could always use a refresher. We’d recommend starting with this article, as it’s a nice, simple read that offers some pretty good tips on how to prioritize and stay sane their explanation.

What did you think? Did you find this article useful? Do you have any of your own tips for time management? Your thoughts are always welcome, so let us know!

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