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Juliet Aurora

AIS Solutions started out as Aurora International Services in 2000. This small business being run from the spare room in my home was born shortly before the birth of my daughter. I was in search of a way to achieve some work-life balance and spend some time with my young daughter, as I was very reluctant to put her in the world of daycare for 10 hours a day at such a young age.

Shortly after making the decision to start my business, the company I was working for decided to relocate to Houston, Texas. Not willing to uproot my family, the business became more important to my financial survival. With my first client being my former employer, I gave myself a timeline of 6 months to either get the business off the ground or I would go back to pounding the pavement and re-enter the corporate world. That was many years ago, and I’ve not looked back.

For several years, the business was only me providing personalized accounting and tax services to clients. I found that there was such a disparity between what “passed” for bookkeeping, that I decided to expand my services and bring on a team to deliver the consistent, reliable bookkeeping that is needed for every business.

And so…. AIS Solutions was born.

Over the years we have grown and now have a dedicated team who are as passionate as I am about changing the lives of our clients. Our range of services has expanded and my personal mission has become to Educate and Empower – both within our organization and in the lives we touch through our clients. The tools that we use to provide these services are all cloud based and at the forefront of the tech advances in our industry.

A Family Affair

As the team and client base of AIS Solutions grew, so did the demands of skill set needed to take my business to the next level. Enter Steve Loates. My husband, business partner and powerhouse of business knowledge.

Steve joined AIS Solutions for many reasons. There was great debate and discussion about this decision before it happened. As much as we knew how much he could add to taking the business to where we wanted it to grow, we knew that being married and business partners came with its own set of challenges.

We are both ambitious, driven individuals, who could possibly be considered stubborn, although I prefer strong willed 🙂

To ensure that our marriage remained intact we segregated the duties within the organization so that we both had our own individual domains. Major discussions take place on direction, regardless of domain, but the ultimate decision relies upon one individual. My domain is Operations and Training and Steve is Business Development and Sales. It’s worked very well for us, with few challenges and even fewer hurt feelings.

Steve Loates
Our business is stronger because of our different strengths, and the team that we’ve built I’m proud to say is probably the best one out there. We’re not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but we do our best to always run our business with integrity and respect for others, and our mission To Educate and Empower rings true each and every day.

We’ve been fortunate to be recognized by external organizations over the last several years for what we’ve built, if you’d like to see them here, but the true test is what our clients say about us.

I’ve seen both my daughter and my business grow over the years and can easily say that I’m very proud. Our industry is undergoing some massive disruptions at the moment, but Steve and I are excited about what the future holds for us.

Juliet Aurora


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