QuickBooks Customization

  • Do you want special customization or integration with QuickBooks?
  • Do you need to reduce redundant data entry to save time and money?

customized-reportingApplications are only as good as the data you can extract from them. AIS Solutions can help you get the most from your software and the data available.

Financial Report Customization

Excel makes an excellent reporting tool for information stored in an external data source because it provides so many features for analyzing data and presenting it in different configurations.

Our Excel experts can design customized financial reports for you and your staff to help streamline your workload and make sense of the numbers. We recently finished a project where we utilized our experience with Excel to consolidate the financial data from ten McDonald’s restaurants to enable the owners to view at a glance how they were all contributing to the big picture.

Examples of how we help clients get more from their accounting software:

  • Customizing applications that automatically input the data from web-site orders.
  • Adding fields to QuickBooks to keep track of items not natively tracked by QuickBooks.
  • Adding new forms to QuickBooks for activities not natively supported by the application.
  • Trapping QuickBooks events — such as the creation of a new invoice, and posting the invoice information into a Web application.
  • Integration between Quickbooks POS and Quickbooks.
  • Using “Electronic Forms” for specific tasks, so users can utilize QuickBooks without the need to access QuickBooks directly or learn QuickBooks. This allows you to delegate specific data-entry tasks (such as the Payment Receipt, Invoice Creation, Bill Payments, Time Tracking) to employees without having to give them access to your entire QuickBooks Accounting System.

To find out more about AIS Solutions and how we can help you ensure project successor see how we can meet your accounting application development needs — even if you only have a rough idea, a concept or a short problem description.

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