There are many benefits of computerized accounting software systems. Here are just a few.

Reasons Why You Should Convert to Computerized Accounting Software

  • You are tired and frustrated of still doing all of your cheques and payroll manually
  • Your business is growing and you need a more accurate and up-to-date accounting system
  • Your present bookkeeping system is onerous, time consuming and seldom up-to-date
  • You are worried that the financial data provided by your current system is not accurate
  • You are not getting the timely and accurate financial reporting you need to better manage your business
  • Your current system doesn’t integrate with 3rd party software programs so you are constantly wasting time doing double entry
  • You need accurate job costing numbers to insure the profitability of each project

Advantages of Converting To an Accounting Software System like Quickbooks or Sage 50

  •  AUTOMATION: All of your payables, payroll and invoices can be generated automatically by the software – No More Handwriting Cheques
  • ACCURACY: Accounting software makes the calculations automatically and is designed to always be accurate to the smallest detail.
  • ACCESS TO DATA: Accounting/Bookkeeping software makes it easier to access your data securely from outside the office, particularly if you use an online or cloud based accounting software solution.  
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Efficiency and speed saves you time and that will save you money.
  • EFFICIENCY IMPROVEMENTS: Simple and effective to manage your Accounts Payable – No more late charges or Cash Discounts lost. Monitor and view your Accounts Receivable at anytime – Gain Better Control of Your Cash Flow
  • REAL TIME REPORTING: You can see your company’s financial position in “real-time” and make adjustments to your business strategy as needed. – Make better business decisions.
  • SCALABLE: As your company grows and your needs increase and become more complex a computerized accounting system can grow with you.
  • SPEED: Recurring entries can be automated saving you time each and every month. Generating up to the minute financial reports can be done with the click of a button.
  • SECURITY: Your financial records can be saved and stored in offsite locations so it is always protected from any unforeseen natural or man-made events. – Your financial records are always protected.

All of our accounting software conversions include training and support on the proper use of your new accounting software.

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