Recruitment is not an Amateur Sport

Building a team, be it a business team or a sports team, requires the ability to select players who have the qualifications AND fit with the rest of the team AND want to be a part of it. Yet, so many organisations do not apply an objective process to recruitment and then wonder why their new hires don’t “work out”.

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Whats New in QuickBooks 2011?

The newest version of QuickBooks 2011 was released by Intuit at the end of September. There are no significant changes to the interface, but there are some time-saving modifications to the program itself. The ultimate goal of QuickBooks is always to have the small business owner spend less time working on their numbers, but still providing them with all of the data required to run their business.

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A Visit to a Trade Show

I attended the Toronto Financial Technology Trade Show last week with a few members of my staff. We were there to learn about the new developments in accounting and financial software. As many of our small business clients use QuickBooks by Intuit, Simply Accounting or Business Vision by Sage, we were glad to see that they all had booths at the trade show.

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