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Are you an e-Commerce Kninja Bookkeeper?

Do you love being a bookkeeper in the e-commerce space?
Are you passionate in wanting to help small businesses succeed?
Are you looking for a great firm where you can be the best you want to be?
Are you an avid learner who doesn’t like to stand still?
Do you need flexible hours and the ability to work from your own home office?

Then we may be looking for you.

AIS Solutions Team

Who We Are

AIS Solutions are recognized leaders in the Global Bookkeeping industry:

Selected from over 1000 firms worldwide as Intuit’s *Global Firm of the Future – the first Canadian firm to receive this honour
Voted “Canadian Bookkeeping Firm of the Year” by members of the IPBC (Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada)
Winner of the “Small Business Excellence Award” by the Burlington Chamber of Commerce
Selected to Top 50 Cloud Accountants in North America
Creator of QuickBooks Online curriculum for Canadian College
Creator of Cloud Accounting Curriculum for Ontario Colleges
Chosen Top 10 Influencers in the Canadian Bookkeeping Industry
Members of the North American Accountant Council for Intuit
Member of the Global Intuit Trainer Writer Network
We do not share this to blow our own horn, but to help you understand that we are no ordinary bookkeeping firm and we want you to be as excited as we are to be part of this awesome Bookkeeping industry.

Not Your Typical Bookkeeping and Cloud Accounting Firm

We definitely are not your typical Bookkeeping Firm. We are 100% virtual and online, tech-savvy to the point of being called geeks, and have a team that spans Canada. We don’t do typical Accounting stuff – taxes aren’t even part of our service offering, so we actually love the month of April. We are process and technology driven, and have created a Team that has become a second family for all of us.

You can meet our team here.

AIS Solutions team
Our mission is to Educate and Empower and we do that for our clients by providing accurate real-time bookkeeping services so they can make better business decisions. They rely on us, to make sure they can rely on their books.

Our passion is in processes and all things cloud and tech-related, so all of the changes in our industry excite us rather than scare us. QuickBooks Online, 3rd Party Apps, integrations, ecosystems. We love it all. But relationships are fundamental to us – both within our team and with our clients.

We also have a groundbreaking Kninja Training program, and if helping others excites you as it does us, we would love your involvement!

One of our areas of expertise is in the e-Commerce space. As this area is growing in our practice, we are looking for another Superstar Ninja Bookkeeper to join our team.

We provide Bookkeeping and QuickBooks training services for our small and medium-sized business owner clients. They rely on us, to make sure they can rely on their books. Our passion is in all things cloud and tech related, so all of the changes in our industry excite us rather than scare us. QuickBooks Online, 3rd Party Apps and integrations. We love it all.

We have also launched a ground-breaking Kninja Training program, so if helping others excites you like it does us, we would love your involvement! Because we do a great job of it, we’re growing and are looking for another Superstar Kninja Bookkeeper to add to our team.

Members of our team love to learn, don’t like keeping the status quo and want to be on the cutting edge.

We are also a 100% virtual team, but you will always be connected through online tools like Zoom, and have access to our highly developed systems and processes through Teamwork. You’ll also be working with a pretty amazing team who really care about what they do and who will drop whatever they’re doing to help out a customer or a colleague.

Comments from Our Team

Here are some thoughts from our team members.

At AIS Solutions we are family. Hard work, integrity, respect and laughter knit us all together to form our amazing team. We push each other, encourage each other, learn and succeed together. If a business’ goal is to have their staff WANT to come to work every morning, then AIS Solutions has succeeded with gold stars and a parade! We even get to play with a puppy on occasion!! There is no ‘bad day’ at AIS and for me, that is priceless!


Working for AIS Solutions is a Privilege and a Pleasure. We have a fabulous team who works extremely hard together. We do have our challenging times especially when competing in the company games (I won’t mention any names…..Steve). Steve and Juliet are extremely kind and understanding which makes us as the team feel respected and valued.


AIS has such a supportive and collaborative atmosphere where our team members feel empowered to solve challenges and strive for greatness! Open communication is encouraged and all opinions are valued and respected. Most of all, we have fun! Laughter is heard often in our office where we know that “a good laugh is sunshine in the house. – W. Thackeray”

I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful team.


Everyday is a new and exciting challenge for me. There’s so much room to grow, so much knowledge to gain, and many memories to make.

Not only is this a fun place to work (yes you read correctly, I said fun), it’s also a place where you’re trusted and most importantly, respected. You get acknowledged for the goals you achieve (big or small, work related or personal) and never judged for any learning curves or questions you may have. There’s always on going, up to date training – which for me, is a big deal. Not only am I always up for a challenge and like to learn new things, but having the training also boosts confidence levels (well mine anyways!) and helps to ensure that we as a team are all on the same page.


We are an empowered team that are entrusted to execute using cutting edge industry technology. We are all in. Everyday.

We make our own fun. We do holidays right. Our brain breaks include playing trivia, nerf gun bowling, ring toss, and now it sounds like a circus over here. Also, our mascot is a ninja. A kninja!

The most important thing is the relationships we build with each other as we learn, meet challenges, and expand our boundaries so we can learn more, and meet harder challenges, and expand our world again…it’s the kninja way!


My life changed the day I walked into AIS Solutions. I had previously been working at a more traditional firm, and even though there were many things I liked about being there, I wasn’t inspired.

AIS Solutions has a different non traditional outlook on a number of things, and my days here are filled with more of a supportive team culture, and the growth I have experienced both professionally and personally has occurred at a rate I could not have begun to imagine.


The Clients We Help

Our clients are amazing and true entrepreneurs. They range in industry, but have one common trait – their financials matter to them. It’s why they’ve chosen to work with us, and love that we are always thinking of new ways to provide them with insights about their business or introduce them to new workflows or processes through 3rd party Apps.

Why Would you Want to Join Us?

This one is pretty easy. Because we are Kninjas!

Actually it’s because we understand how many hours in the day you spend working and so we want to make that time as enjoyable as possible. Yes, the work needs to get done, and our clients need to be looked after, but we believe that you can have fun while taking care of business.

Here are some of the reasons that we are so awesome:

We are remote so you get to work from the comfort of your own home
We don’t set your schedule, you do
We provide you with all of the computer equipment that you’ll need
Our culture is all about learning and growing, which not only keeps you at the top of your game but gives you room to grow within the firm
Ownership is one of our core values, which we believe empowers you
We always want to hear from you about how we can be better
Our existing team is awesome! Supportive, helpful, and of course funny 🙂
We have benefits that not only cover boring things like prescriptions and getting your teeth cleaned, but massages too!
Did we mention that we are remote – so you can work in your PJ’s and there’s no commute!
We have an annual retreat which brings our entire team together to have fun, get to know each other better and provide the vision for the firm to grow

What do you get to do?

We have a variety of different roles at AIS Solutions, but right now we are in search of members to expand our e-Commerce Team.
Laurie Kninja Bookkeeper
This role has the potential to evolve into an Account Manager/Team Leader role if that is something that excites you.
Specialize in clients in the e-Commerce Space
Accounts Payable
Process Payroll
Month End Reviews and Financial Reporting
Manage Integration of 3rd Party Apps with QBO
Develop the Client/Firm Relationship
Be on the cutting edge of the industry
Work on multiple clients to have variety
Mentor and oversee Junior Bookkeepers who assist you

What Do You Need?

We also need you to have some specific software experience and be skilled in the tools of the trade:

Advanced knowledge of QuickBooks Online
Experience with Amazon and/or Shopify
Experience with Financial Statement preparation and review
An independent personality
Hyper Organized
Excited about Tech
Strong Internet Connection
Experience with A2X is preferred
Being cloud-based, and no one looking over your shoulder, the relationship is successful only if it is built on a foundation of trust. As each member of our team plays such an important role in our success, we’ve developed a comprehensive interview and screening process.

If the above excites you and you are interested in becoming a part of our team, we’d love to hear from you.

Here is the Process to Join Our Team

Our interview process is as follows:

Submit your application to

(Please – no phone calls, no emails – submitting your application to the email address above is the only way you will be considered for the position – Thank you.)

You will receive an email within the hour (please check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox). The email will have all the instructions for next steps.

Please note – this is a remote working opportunity and you can be located anywhere in Canada. Our head office is located in Burlington, Ontario.

Thank you again for your interest in AIS Solutions. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Learn About Our Industry Awards, Recognition and Certifications.

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