Bookkeeping For Health, Yoga, Fitness And Wellness Businesses

Health, Yoga, Fitness and Wellness Businesses

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Do you own a Yoga studio, Fitness gym, Wellness salon or Spa business?

We specialize in bookkeeping for the Health and Wellness industry and are certified QuickBooks Online (QBO) experts.

We can integrate Mindbody management and other software with QuickBooks Online accounting software so you get the financial information you need…when you need it.

Health, Yoga, Fitness And Wellness Businesses Bookkeeping


Are you concerned about how much time you spend on bookkeeping each month?


Does the thought alone of bookkeeping add extra stress to your day?


Are you behind on your bookkeeping, or unsure of your accuracy?


Do you ever feel unsure whether your financial records or tax filings are correct?

If this sounds like you then we should talk

Let us take care of the bookkeeping and financial administration and you focus on managing your clients and your business.

The Benefits of working with AIS Solutions

Some of thebenefits include:

Financial Information

You get “mission critical” financial information when you need it allowing you to make better business decisions.

Pay Less Taxes

You gain the potential to pay less in taxes by making sure you claim all of the expenses to which your business is entitled.

Pay Less in Accounting Fees

You could pay less in accounting fees as we provide every client’s Accountant with a clean set of books – up to date and error free – with their year end package so they need less time to

Save Time

You’ll save time because you won’t be spending time on administrative tasks like bookkeeping. You’ll enjoy more time to focus on your clients and your business success.

Increased Profit

You might even increase your profits since most companies’ profits increase by over 12% after they outsource to professional bookkeepers.

Become More Efficient

You can become paperless which not only helps our environment but helps your entire business to become more efficient by saving time, space and money.

Team of Specialized Bookkeeping Professionals

Our team of specialized bookkeeping professionals have the knowledge and training to make sure your bookkeeping is done right.

We balance your books, monitor and reconcile your bank accounts and credit cards to catch any discrepancies, all your bills are paid on time, your government remittances are current, your payroll completed and the money owed to you is collected.

And, when you work with AIS Solutions you are not only getting a professional certified bookkeeper but the strength and diversity of a team of accounting professionals who can help you with so much more.

In today’s competitive environment you need every edge you can get. We can help.

What our clients are saying:

We are so confident that we can save you money and make your business more efficient that we offer an unprecedented MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If after using our services for 60 days you are not convinced that our unique approach is saving you money and making your business more efficient we will refund 100% of your fees no questions asked.

If you are ready to chat, let’s get started with a no obligation consultation. The first step is to complete this brief questionnaire to help us learn more about your business.