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What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud Accounting Solutions

Cloud accounting services can make a powerful difference for your business, changing the way that you run it, simplifying many different processes, and making it more profitable and effective over time. As cloud bookkeepers, we know how dramatic it can be for businesses to suddenly have 24/7 access to their financial data, stop paying late fees with the CRA, and have a reliable partner to handle all aspects of their bookkeeping.

We seek to be a reliable accounting partner that truly makes a difference for your bottom line, which is why we offer cloud accounting for your business. We offer large and small business bookkeeping, and can grow with your firm, offering our services no matter how large you grow. 

Not sure if a virtual bookkeeper is right for you?

 Ask yourself these questions:

Are you tired of paying penalties to CRA because of late filings?

Are you frustrated by never getting your financials on time?

Are you looking for a bookkeeping partner that really understands your business?

Do you want bookkeeping services that give your business a competitive edge?

Would you just like your bookkeeping done right without any hassle or excuses?

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Clients Talking About Us

Here are some of our clients talking about working with us.

An accounting team

We are your team of professional bookkeepers and accountants that provide you with specialized services in all areas from Sales Tax to Payroll to Inventory to Job Costing to Receivable and Cash Flow management and more. Our team consists of professional specialists that are knowledgeable in all of the latest CRA rules, bookkeeping best practices and industry technologies to provide you with a complete team of accounting professionals. We provide the benefits of cloud based bookkeeping services as they are the latest innovation to help you run your business better.

Why AIS Solutions does your bookkepping right?

Flat fee billing

Unlike most other bookkeeping firms we do not bill by the hour. After a complete assessment of your business, we provide you with an easy to budget “Flat Fee”. You know exactly what you will pay each month for our services and there will never be any billing surprises.

Guaranteed on-time financial reports

In order to manage your business, you need “on-time” and “accurate” financial reports. Our goal is to provide you these reports within 7 business days of month end. If you want to learn more about the benefits to you and your business provided by on-time financials you can read about it here.

Certified Bookkeepers

In Canada, there is currently no government mandated certification process for bookkeepers. Any individual can purchase accounting software, print business cards and call themselves a bookkeeper. In order to test the competency of bookkeepers, we have created our own in-house examinations, both written and practical. Every potential new bookkeeper we interview must score 80% or better on these tests before ever being considered to become a new member of our AIS Solutions family. This is especially important for small business bookkeeping, as with their lower budget, smaller businesses sometimes choose less qualified bookkeepers. If you are a business owner and you would like to test your own bookkeeper, you can get a copy by visiting our Online Bookkeeper Training and Testing site.

Supervised by Accountants

All of our bookkeepers are trained and supervised by our team of accountants. This provides you with a higher level of service accuracy and an extra level of oversight at the transaction level. This is an especially important accounting service for small businesses which are less likely to have staff who can provide this oversight.

Access to your records 24/7

By leveraging Cloud Technology you have real-time access to your financial records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere you can access the internet. This is one of the best benefits of cloud accounting for your business, as having access to this information should help you make better decisions, including managing your cash flow.

Duplicate staff support

You don’t need to worry about delays in data entry due to sickness or vacation. We train a minimum of two bookkeepers to become familiar with your account, so one is always available to provide our services.

Money Back Guarantee!

We are so confident that we can save you money and make your business more efficient that we offer an unprecedented MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If after using our services for 60 days you are not convinced that our unique approach is saving you money and making your business more efficient we will refund 100% of your fees no questions asked.

Our Goal

AIS Solutions

At AIS Solutions our goal is to form a long-lasting business partnership with our clients. We work with clients who value accurate, on-time monthly financial reports. Clients that want to access their financial data 24/7, on any device from anywhere. Clients that never want to pay late payment penalty fees with CRA. Clients that don’t want to hear excuses from their business partners. Clients that value open and transparent communication. Our cloud based bookkeeping services offer all of this and peace of mind. 

We enjoy helping small businesses save time and money while enabling them to make better decisions for business health and growth. That is why contacting us, here at AIS Solutions is a smart business decision.

We are recognized experts in QBO and support QuickBooks Online exclusively.  If you are currently using another accounting software, we would be happy to help you transition to the benefits of QuickBooks Online.

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But, what if you are still not ready to outsource your bookkeeping? What if you want to do the books yourself but don’t feel comfortable with your bookkeeping knowledge?

 We have the solution.

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