Accounting Software Conversions and Setup

Converting to QuickBooks Online

At AIS Solutions, our team of bookkeeping experts can help you convert to QuickBooks Online and address any concerns you may have with the conversion process.

Here is some more information on the benefits of converting to QuickBooks Online.

You will realize many benefits when converting to QuickBooks online (QBO). However, make sure the conversion process is done by experienced professionals as we have witnessed many problems when left in the hands of amateurs. Our focus is on retaining all of your historical information, connecting all of your other software and apps, and making the transition as seamless as possible for your team while streamlining your accounting process.

Do You Want Help To Set Up Your QuickBooks Online from Scratch?

Do You Need To Switch your Books to QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

Are You Tired of Using Excel and Want Computerized Bookkeeping Software?

Are you lost when it comes to which Apps you Need to Connect to QBO?

If you answered yes, to any of the above questions. Call us now. We have been helping businesses across Canada for over 10 years convert their accounting and bookkeeping system over to QuickBooks Online.

Migrating Your Accounting To The Cloud

The migration of accounting records to the Cloud is occurring at a rapid rate. The most recent statistics indicate that of the new users who are signing up for accounting software, 80% are choosing cloud-based solutions.

You are probably on this page because you’ve made that decision but aren’t sure you want to start. It all looks pretty easy on the TV commercials, but the reality…not so much.

The key to having a successful experience with QuickBooks Online (QBO) is in the setup. That’s where we come in. We can set up and customize your QBO account so that you can hit the ground running.

We are pretty sure that you didn’t open your business so that you could learn how to set up accounting software. But we did! And we love it, so let us help you convert to QBO.

Accounting Software Setup

Migrating Your Accounting Data to QuickBooks Online

In most cases (but not all), we can transition your existing historical data from your current system – Sage 50, QuickBooks Desktop or Xero – to your new QuickBooks Online program. Although we can’t migrate all transactions from Business Visions, QuickBooks Enterprise, or Sage 300 as it’s usually cost prohibitive. However, if comparative financial reports are what you’re looking for, that’s certainly something we can do.

Another important item to consider is that many businesses take the opportunity when converting to QuickBooks Online to revamp their account structure as the original software setup no longer meets their reporting needs.

Connecting Your Apps to QuickBooks Online

Once you’ve got your QBO file set up, the next step is to leverage the power of the cloud and connect some apps to it. This is an area where we specialize in creating 3rd party application ecosystems to help you run your business more efficiently.

Although every business is unique and each conversion situation may have different requirements our rock solid process is designed to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your team. Here is typically what our process would look like:


This is key. We want to make sure that your new system can do what you need it to for today, as well as for the future growth of your business. It’s a consultative approach in meeting with the key people in your organization.


This is where we work our magic.


We not only convert but go through an extensive verification process to ensure that the data migrated correctly, as well as works properly.


Once we’ve confirmed that the data has migrated correctly and the numbers are accurate, we would begin on the 3rd Party App Connections. In most cases, the QBO database would be available for you to begin working.


We offer comprehensive training packages to ensure that you are getting the most out of your software. You can check them out here.

Whatever your situation, know that you’re not alone in this and let’s talk!

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