The Benefits of Converting to QuickBooks Online

The Benefits of Converting to QuickBooks Online

Before cloud accounting, you had to keep all of your bookkeeping and accounting information stored on your desktop. Your computer’s own hard drive was the only place where all of your data was complied and that means to access your bookkeeping data, you needed to access that specific computer. That is how desktop versions of QuickBooks still work. But there is another more convenient option! QuickBooks Online (QBO) makes use of cloud-based bookkeeping. Your data is stored on the cloud, which means you can access it on different devices. There are many other features of QuickBooks Online that can benefit your business. At AIS Solutions, our experienced bookkeepers would be pleased to show you how QBO can change your business and improve your bottom line!

QuickBooks Online (QBO) makes use of cloud-based bookkeeping

The Benefits of Converting to QBO from Desktop

The desktop versions of QuickBooks can be limited as compared to QuickBooks Online. Here are some reasons to switch to QuickBooks Online:


It is much simpler to share your data with employees, bookkeeper, and accountant.

Automatic functions

QuickBooks Online will automatically send invoices, statements, and reports.

Up to date

You bank and credit card transactions will download to the program nightly so it is always ready for you to view and process.

Free apps

Use the free mobile apps for iPhone or iPad to view your accounting from anywhere that you have internet access.


With no software updates, and secure storage on Inuit servers, you’ll have consistent and uninterrupted access to your accounting information.


You can receive credit card and ACH payments directly through QBO.


If you are managing inventory, you’ll appreciate the built-in first-in-first-out tracking.


While all of these benefits are great, if you are converting from QuickBooks desktop enterprise, the online version may not fit your needs. Those using inventory assemblies, IIF import files and extensively customized fields on invoices and bills may want to get advice about whether the online version will fit their needs.

The Benefits of Converting from Other Accounting Software

Why convert to QuickBooks Online over other accounting software options? It depends on what you’re using right now, but there are many advantages of QBO that you may benefit from, including:

Create more professional invoices

Manage your accounts payable

Track your sales and expenses

Make sales and tax reports in a single click

Track your miles

Automatically download your bank transactions nightly

Reach out to excellent support staff

Share your information with accountants and bookkeepers simply

Access your accounting through a mobile app

Monitor your cash flow in real time

Reduce the amount of data entry you perform

The Benefits of Converting to QuickBooks Online Ais Solutions Canada

Get Help Switching to QuickBooks Online

Importing your data, connecting with apps, and performing other conversion tasks can be challenging. At AIS Solutions, we’re available to help you make the switch to QuickBooks Online.