Bookkeeping for eCommerce

Bookkeeping for eCommerce

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Bookkeeping Solutions for E-Commerce

We understand the Bookkeeping Needs of E-Commerce Entrepreneurs in Canada

We are an award-winning firm and have been using the cloud to better serve our clients since 2010. Some call us the new breed of bookkeepers, but Intuit – the makers of QuickBooks – call us the “Global Firm of the Future.”

We combine a team of certified professionals, with state of the art cloud accounting software like QuickBooks Online, and a “forward-thinking” mindset, to move your bookkeeping and financial data management out of the dark ages and into the future.

The online business environment is evolving at an unprecedented pace. E-commerce operates at a breakneck speed and you need your numbers to be accurate and up to date when YOU need them.

You need someone in your corner that understands your challenges and has the knowledge and skill to help you overcome them.

We are leaders in providing Bookkeeping and Financial Data Management services to the new generation of e-commerce businesses.

We know that you don’t need a “bricks and mortar” location to run a thriving business. Our own office is located in southern Ontario but our awesome team of professionals and our fantastic clients are located from coast to coast.


We will create a financial data management ecosystem of apps to help you run your business with real-time financial information to make those critical business decisions.

This data helps you know your revenues, expenses, what is owed to vendors and tax liabilities at any given time.

We also understand that managing a successful e-commerce business can have its own unique challenges.

RUNNING THE BUSINESS – you are doing it all. Sourcing product, customer service, marketing and sales, maybe even human resources. You are running the whole show and sometimes that makes it difficult to do it all well. We want to help you run the business so it isn’t running you.

ONLINE MARKETING – Before customers can decide what they want to buy from you they first need to be able to find you online. Do you invest in SEO, Google Adwords, Facebooks Ads or other tools? How do you know you are spending the right amount?

CUSTOMERS AND FULFILLMENT – You survive by your listings and pricing. You struggle with managing returns and getting the best customer reviews and feedback. How do you get those orders to your customers as quickly as possible in a cost effective way?

SALES TAX – You have to collect your sales tax based upon the province or territory where the customer takes delivery. You need to track this all accurately so you can remit those funds to the government. Are you sure you are paying enough or too much?

ACCOUNTING – Are you making enough profit on what you sell to cover your overhead and grow your inventory? Do you know which of your products is making you the most money, or the least? Do you need to invest in more inventory or an outsourced fulfillment centre?

CASH FLOW – It is always challenging to know when you should invest in more inventory, pay yourself a higher salary, increase your marketing spend, or set funds aside for a rainy day. Do you use multiple credit cards or multiple LOC’s to manage your growth?

We can help you overcome these challenges by providing the following:

  • Setting Up Your Business with a “cloud based” accounting platform
  • Creating an Advanced App ecosystem to leverage technology
  • Reconciling all your bank and credit cards monthly, weekly or daily*
  • Providing reporting and KPI analysis monthly, weekly or daily*
  • Consolidating all of your sales data
  • Calculating the correct amounts for COGS on your statements
  • Ensuring proper inventory valuation on your financial reports
  • Setting up a seamless and paperless direct deposit payroll system
  • Filing your deductions to CRA on time with no penalties
  • Eliminate cheques with a powerful and easy to use electronic payment system
  • Paying your vendors to maximize discounts and eliminate late fees
  • Integrating the latest tools to track employee hours
  • Integrating a comprehensive Expense management system
        *Frequency of these services is tailored to the needs of your business


We believe in the digital economy. The cloud is the ultimate equalizer and provider of opportunities to those who want to achieve great things in life. In the age of information overload, it is the matter of survival to get the right information at the right time for your business.

According to the most recent surveys of small business in Canada. A business that has access to up to date, accurate financial information to help them make better business decisions is 7 times more likely to still be in business 5 years from now.

We want you to be that business. Start your journey by exploring our bookkeeping services or contacting us to discuss your needs.