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ECommerce Bookkeeping Services

Cloud Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for Amazon Sellers and Shopify Online Stores

AIS Solutions specializes in Bookkeeping for eCommerce for Canadian based eCommerce firms.

We understand the hectic world of eCommerce and the importance of accurate numbers to grow your business. We will record all sales, expenses, reconcile your bank and credit cards, process your payroll, file your sales tax returns and create and maintain a bookkeeping process to meet all of your company’s needs.

We believe if you only keep your books for the purposes of filing taxes then you are missing the most important reason to have clean, clear financials. You can’t proactively manage what you can’t see. Having good records for taxes is for sure important but leveraging those numbers to make better business decisions is the only way to drive your business toward a better future.

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Bookkeeping for eCommerce

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Challenges with Bookkeeping for eCommerce

E-Commerce presents an incredible world of opportunity. But, with this great opportunity also comes some risk and many challenges. You need someone in your corner that understands those challenges, someone that speaks e-commerce and has the knowledge and skills to help you overcome them.

What Does An Ecommerce Bookkeeper Do?

Sales Tax Liability Can Be Confusing

How do you make sure you are compliant while not paying more than you owe? How do you set up the right system that works in every Canadian province – even those that don’t have HST? In the US, each state has an economic nexus that determines when you need to register for sales tax. Do you know what it is for every state?

Here is a detailed article on the implications of e-Commerce sales tax for Canadian businesses selling online into Canada and/or the US.

eCommerce Reporting

And, if you are new to eCommerce here is a great article from QuickBooks on getting started with the right foundation.

What kind of reporting do you need? Do you care more about cash flow or profitability by SKU? Is your priority inventory management or daily sales or month over month comparisons?

Making accounting technology work better for you

We are recognized thought leaders in the accounting technology world, and we work really hard to make accounting and eCommerce technology better for everyone, starting with our clients. We are constantly testing new products, providing feedback to dozens of vendors, and making introductions between vendors to help them create ecosystems that make e-commerce accounting simpler, easier, and better for all small businesses.

A2X is the gold standard for accurate ecommerce accounting for Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Etsy businessesLearn about the benefits of A2X here.

Making Accounting Technology Better For You | AIS Solutions


Our eCommerce Bookkeeping services include not only the ongoing accounting but also the monthly subscription cost for the cloud tools, and we also provide the technical support related to those tools. We know what tools to use, how to identify if something glitches, and we work directly with the accounting technology vendors to resolve IT issues to keep things running smoothly. Most of our clients don’t even know if or when things go wrong because we take care of the problems as part of our standard daily process.

Case study of an eCommerce client

Here is a case study outlining how we helped a client with their eCommerce Bookkeeping solution.

The Future Looks Bright

We believe in the digital economy. The cloud is the ultimate equalizer for small businesses but it is also critical to get the right information at the right time so you can better manage and navigate your business.

According to the most recent surveys of small businesses in Canada – a business that has access to up-to-date, accurate financial information to help them make better business decisions is 7 times more likely to still be in business 5 years from now.

We want you to be that business.

If you feel we are what you’ve been looking for, then click on the button below and let’s have a no-obligation chat.