Bookkeeping Services for CA Firms

As a CA firm, many of your clients struggle with year end and the daily recording of bookkeeping transactions. As you conduct your Notice to Reader, Review Engagement or Audit, the number of errors and journal entry adjustments is sometimes frightening. The thought passes through every accountant’s mind, “If there are this many corrections, what else might have been missed?”

Accurate Bookkeeping Streamlines the Year End Process

AIS Solutions is a bookkeeping company with over 10 years of experience, and our goal is to streamline the year-end process for your office and provide you with a greater level of comfort in the information you are receiving. We utilize designated accountants on staff to oversee the recording of bookkeeping entries throughout the year. We provide you with a set of client books in which you have confidence and can significantly reduce the number of year-end adjustments. We save your client money on accounting fees, which can be better utilized for tax or strategic development consulting with your office. More information on our Year End Assistance Services.

Part-Time Controllership (CFO) Services

The AIS Solutions Part-time Controllership Service recognizes that many businesses need the advice and support of a financial professional from time to time without the desire of incurring the additional expense of a full time CFO or Controller. The AIS Solutions accounting team has the experience and knowledge to help fill that missing ingredient.

AIS Solutions knows that in order for your client to make sound fundamental business decisions, they must be able to accurately measure how their business is performing.

We act as your “on the ground” partner to help your clients implement the strategic paths you and your firm have outlined for them.

You have your business goals….we have solutions and ideas. Let’s talk.

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