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The best partnership for small business owners is Accountants and Bookkeepers who work together.

As an Accounting firm, many of your clients struggle with year-end and the daily recording of bookkeeping transactions. As you conduct your Notice to Reader, Review Engagement or Audit, the number of errors and journal entry adjustments is sometimes frightening. The thought passes through every accountant’s mind, “If there are this many corrections, what else might have been missed?”

AIS Solutions is a bookkeeping company with over 18 years of experience, and our goal is to streamline the year-end process for your office and provide you with a greater level of comfort in the information you are receiving. We utilize designated accountants on staff to oversee the recording of bookkeeping entries throughout the year. We provide you with a set of client books in which you have confidence and can significantly reduce the number of year-end adjustments.

We want to work with you to make your relationship with your clients the strongest and most valuable that it can be. And if we can help you be a little more profitable, then that’s just a bonus!

What You Do

Tax planning is key. Our clients are looking for ways to minimize tax in both the short and long term, and I’m sure that yours are as well. We don’t prepare taxes and leave that to experts like yourself.

Corporation and HoldCo set up and advice. This goes hand in hand with the tax planning, and leave it to your expertise

Advice. Advice. Advice. That’s where the small business owner leverages the most from your knowledge. Not in having you fix bookkeeping errors.

What We Do

As already mentioned, we provide you with a clean set of books as your starting point. We also have a comprehensive Client Information Sheet that is provided at year end to bring to your attention the significant changes in the business, or unusual transactions that may have occurred. The smoother your year end goes, the happier we are!

But we can do more to help you.

You’ve probably heard the buzz about “the Cloud”, but maybe aren’t sure how to transition your practice or your clients to this new technology-driven world. We can help you with that.

Cloud Introduction

If you and your firm are brand new to the Cloud, this is definitely the place to start. It’s a high-level overview of the changes in our industry to date, and what’s around the corner. But more importantly, it is the foundation for preparing YOU to make that shift in your practice and why you should do it now, not later.

QBO Training

This is one of the biggest pain points of moving your practice to the cloud. You probably are already an expert at the desktop products, and this QBO thing is a whole other animal. Well, we can help you with that. Let’s get you up to speed on QuickBooks Online (QBO). We have basic, intermediate and introductory levels, no matter where you and your staff are in this journey.

Apps Training

If you are already familiar with QBO, then it may be the apps that you are struggling with. There are so many and more launching in the App Store everyday! Let us help you learn your core set of apps. If you have a niche in a particular industry, we can help design an App Ecosystem for you and your clients. Not sure what an app is? Check out our page here.

Workflow Training

The QBO and App combination requires you to create a brand new workflow for yourself and your staff. If you are trying to do things the way that you’ve always done them with desktop software, you will experience a TON of frustration, but more importantly, you will be inefficient. And inefficiency takes money out of your pocket. Let us show you the workflows, and create customized ones that work in your organization.

Not sure if we are the right choice to help you with this transition?

Here are some things that other clients have said about our training.

“I have nothing but the best to say about Juliet. Her mentorship will be a game-changer for me and I could not ask for a more patient and wise guide to all things QBO.”

“Loved How You Laid Out A Process That I Have Struggled With. Thank You”

Still not sure? Check out our Recognition page. We are humbled to have been honoured by so many organizations in the last several years. We have been through this transition and it was tough, which is why we’ve put together these packages to help you navigate through this industry disruption.


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