What is Cloud Accounting?

What is Cloud Accounting?

In recent years, accounting has come a very long way. While you may remember keeping physical ledgers to maintain your business records, the digital age changed all of that, allowing us to manage business finances digitally. Cloud accounting is yet another major bookkeeping improvement. With cloud bookkeeping, your business can use cloud accounting to store your financial information online. This means you can access it from multiple devices, anywhere you have an Internet connection. This accessibility is ideal for essentially every business. In fact, cloud accounting has major advantages for businesses of all sizes, especially small businesses.

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Is Cloud Bookkeeping Secure?

Concerned about the security of having your business’ financial information stored remotely online? Certainly, you have to choose your accounting software carefully to ensure that your data is stored securely. We trust QuickBooks Online, which uses secure Intuit servers to hold your information.

How Does Cloud Bookkeeping Work?

If you’re familiar with iCloud, then you may intuitively understand how cloud bookkeeping works. When you take a picture on your iPhone, that picture isn’t just stored on the phone, it is also stored on Apple’s servers. When you log onto iCloud on your desktop, the picture is available there too. The desktop version will update itself with your phone automatically.

Similarly, when you use QuickBooks Online or other cloud-based accounting solutions, your information is stored on remote servers. The program typically updates with your business accounts automatically. You can log into the system from your desktop, mobile phone, or other device to see your up-to-date information.

Cloud-based bookkeeping for eCommerce businesses in Canada

Why Work with a Cloud Bookkeeper?

Why get cloud accounting for your business? Having your data on the cloud, through QuickBooks Online, has many benefits that can help you run your business more effectively.

Some of those benefits include:

Share information easily

It is simpler to share your accounting information with critical people on your team, including accountants and bookkeepers, when you use the cloud.


Unlike with desktop accounting, there is always a secure version of your accounting stored on other servers. If something happens to your computer, you don’t lose all your data.


It can be highly convenient for you to have access to your accounting information while on the road. This is especially true for contractors and those who travel frequently for their work.

Other Features

Depending on the software you choose; cloud bookkeeping services can offer you access to many more features that may radically change how you do business for the better. For example, you may be able to receive payments from clients directly through the software, improving cash flow and reducing the data input you need to perform.

Other Apps

Cloud bookkeeping software can connect with other apps you use to run your business.

Switch to the Cloud with Our Virtual Bookkeepers

Our bookkeepers are experts with cloud-based systems – they should be because we have been working in the cloud since 2010. AIS Solutions has helped hundreds of businesses like yours make the transition, and we’d love to help you manage your own accounts on the cloud. We’ll ensure that your data transfers over successfully, and that you’re using all of the features you need to maximize its benefits. Or you can rely on us to take care of all of your cloud based bookkeeping services. The choice is yours!