AIS Solutions – Essential bookkeeping tips for spa business owners

Why is good bookkeeping vital for spa and wellness businesses?

Apart from offering the right services for your clients, owning a salon or spa business comes with many responsibilities like overseeing the company’s growth and dealing with the financial part. We understand that as an entrepreneur, time is an extremely valuable resource, and it can get quite difficult to try and divide it around all activities. However, when it comes to the financial and compliance aspects of your business, you cannot afford to make any compromises.

The decisions you make in this field have a major impact on the health and future of your business. We have prepared a list of good practice indications and bookkeeping tips for spa and salon owners.

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Bookkeeping tips for spa and salon business owners

What are the benefits of outsourcing accounting for your spa?

As cloud technology evolves and business owners are no longer limited by location, outsourcing bookkeeping services gains more and more popularity. So what are the main advantages when you choose to outsource the bookkeeping needs of your company to AIS Solutions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

If your business is currently too small to hire an in-house accountant or you just don’t have the time or knowledge to do it yourself you should consider outsourcing the bookkeeping task. Although accounting software like QuickBooks, makes the bookkeeping process more facile for small business owners, the software can prove to be more complicated than expected. You can then choose to outsource the bookkeeping and focus on other areas of your business or take a QuickBooks training course to learn how to properly handle the job yourself.

At the beginning of the collaboration, you will need to provide information in regards to your business assets like buildings, properties, equipment and such. You will also need to provide a list of accounts, loans, credit card bills and other debts.

Your accountant will provide you with a list of things that you need to cover before starting the collaboration.

Poor financial management is the main cause of business failure. Many small and mid-sized businesses fail to manage and measure their finances appropriately, causing them to fall out of business eventually. A bookkeeper will help you instil good financial practices in place and avoid common mistakes and consequences such as:

  • Insufficient tax planning
  • Lost revenue
  • Missed financial opportunities


A dedicated bookkeeper can handle all your profit and loss statements, account reconciliations and regular balance sheets in a timely manner, therefore, helping you get your finances under control with a minimum input of effort on your part.

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Small businesses are no longer forced to work with local bookkeeping companies. The evolution of cloud technology helps bookkeepers secure access to their client’s books remotely at any time, from anywhere. This comes in as a massive advantage for the small business owners because now they can choose a bookkeeper with experience in their industry and particular operations instead of choosing from the local community.

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