Recruitment is not an Amateur Sport

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Building a team, be it a business team or a sports team, requires the ability to select players who have the qualifications AND fit with the rest of the team AND want to be a part of it.  Yet, so many organisations do not apply an objective process to recruitment and then wonder why their new hires don’t “work out”. 

Recruitment is the 1st step to the employment relationship.  The word relationship implies a 2 way street: both the employer and employee have expectations and obligations.  A methodical recruitment process addresses these matters, and more, yet in its absence the recruitment decision goes astray.  Gone are the days when people “should be grateful to have a job”.  An employer that cannot clearly express what s/he expects of employees and what s/he offers to employees in terms of the total employment relationship, and is also unable to confirm from job candidates what their expectations are, will make bad hiring decisions over and over again.  Hiring well qualified players in the absence of clear expectations and obligations will either soon drive the players away or, worse, they will “quit and stay”, and both scenarios have serious negative consequences on an organisation’s productivity and culture.

Recruitment is the weakest link in many organisations – and it should not be.  Organisations that are clear in their expectations and obligations and have a sound recruitment process are able to hire and retain really well qualified players who fit with the team.

Irene Lis has 20+ years of extensive human resources experience focussed on helping organisations ensure that their people practices support, and are aligned with, their business.

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Irene Lis

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Irene Lis, founder of Aligned People Strategies Inc., a Human Resources advisory firm, has been helping organizations ensure that their people practices support their business objectives for 20+ years. Irene provides practical business and people solutions to organizations across many industries and sectors, from small to large. Skilled as an advisor, strategist and implementer, Irene offers full HR services that are tailored to each organization’s culture and stage of evolution. Irene can be reached by email or call 905-315-7801.

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