Your Top 10 Marketing Budget Questions Answered (Almost!) Just in Time for 2013

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multitasking concept with business man in suite and tie managing different activities like email, budget, colleagues, customers, targets and meeting schedules. As we’re fans of the idea that it’s never too late to take another look at your budget allocation, we thought we’d share this article from Business 2 Community, written in December of 2012. Entitled Your Top 10 Marketing Budget Questions Answered Just in Time for 2013, it outlines the different types of online marketing strategies that business can budget for and the benefits of each one, helping you understand where to put your money based on your marketing needs and goals.

As our partner company, e-Commerce Essentials, is an internet marketing agency that offers all of the services covered in this article, we’re already rather well-versed in the subject, and it contains several good points about the advantages that come with different forms of online marketing. Here’s a quick snippet that covers one of the more broad questions about how to spend for online marketing:

3. What can I invest in to get my website generating more leads?

Your website should be your best salesperson. Just like a salesperson, it needs to have KPIs: a form completion, email sign-up, blog retweet, whitepaper download, or a purchase. Once you have your metrics, you can start to improve them by testing, testing, testing. A/B or multivariate testing are great ways to see what visitors respond to better in the effort to generate more leads. Whether it’s experimenting with different navigation, images, headlines, colours, buttons, form fields, promos, or prices, without ongoing testing you won’t know if you’re website could be performing better and bringing in more business.

The first sentence in this answer is a simple truth: your website should most definitely be your best salesperson. To know how it’ll work best in conjunction with your marketing goals, much of your time and budget will likely go to testing at first, so you can understand what brings you the most results and where you should be investing. Once you know what’s helping you accomplish your goals, you’ll have a much better idea of where to allocate your budget in order to build your business effectively online.

If you’re still wondering how to effectively spend your marketing budget, we strongly recommend this article. It can help you understand more about the different avenues of web marketing, how they can help you grow your business, and where you should be investing based on your goals.

How do you currently utilize your budget for web marketing? Are you meeting your goals, or are you looking for new ways to divide your budget? Your thoughts, comments and experiences are welcome, so leave a comment and let us know!

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