Bookkeeping Case Study: B2B Wholesale Manufacturing & Distribution Organization


A B2B wholesale manufacturing and distribution organization. Established for 4 years and looking to expand their geographic market across North America.

single retail location business in oakville


By no longer having to worry about the recordkeeping of his business, he was able to spend more time on his expansion plans across North America. Although we had taken a huge workload from his shoulders, we were able to implement efficiencies which resulted in our fee to be significantly less than he expected. As we were no longer fixing errors in the database, this also resulted in a decrease in his fees. As his growth plans are materializing he has now been able to hire a full time staff member to handle the office and the Shipping and Distribution of his products. The major result which cannot be measured is the change in the business owner himself. As he is now focusing only on what he loves to do in his business, and not the bookkeeping which he hated, he has more energy and passion than ever before.

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