Bookkeeping Case Study: Contractor


A custom home builder who has been in business for 5 years.

bookkeeping services for contractors


They expanded their quoting process to include more detail in order to capture all expected expenses, and began tracking their expenses against individual jobs, so that they knew which ones were profitable.


The results were almost immediate and beyond the expectations of the client. The automated quoting process shortened the amount of time that people were spending on preparing a proposal. The electronic signature features allowed their business to appear on the cutting edge of technology to their clients. Knowify’s scheduling ability allowed them to optimize their team, and reduced the non billable hours of the collective team. The greatest result however, was the ability to identify that by month 3 of the projects, they were losing money. We were able to pinpoint the exact phase of the project where they were eating through all of the profit margin. The other side effect of integrating this application with their Accounting software was that Progress Invoices were issued on a more timely basis to reflect the costs being incurred, and the business was no longer carrying the burden of the project with their internal cash flow.

It was only through our experience providing bookkeeping for contractors that we were able to find a solution for our client.

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