Canadian GST/HST is Due

It’s that time of year again, fellow Canucks! From an article at About.com’s Small Business Canada section, written by Susan Ward: GST/HST for the...

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Why is HST information so difficult to find?

I started a discussion on HST over the summer with the intention of making regular posts. However, life seemed to get in the way and it died a quick death. This last week I was trying to find whether Nova Scotia had PST or HST and the rate which at which it was to be applied. I was astounded as to how difficult it was to locate the information.
And so the table below has been created….

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FAQ HST for Business Owners

HST still is the prevalent topic among business owners. Despite the deluge of information that is out there, it still is so confusing…so we thought we would start a topic of discussion that might hopefully answer some of the questions.

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