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with Virtual Bookkeeping Services

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We do things a little bit differently here at AIS Solutions.

We focus on what’s effective, not necessarily what’s traditional. And not to worry – we’re by your side every step of the way!

100% virtual bookkeeping and accounting services

Our 100% virtual bookkeeping and accounting services are simple, effective, and more convenient than you could ever imagine. Messy books get in the way and drag you down – let’s team up to remove that dead weight so that you can reach your full potential.


Working with AIS Solutions as Your Virtual Accounting Firm

We’re here to help, not hinder. That’s why we’ve specifically designed our services to simplify your business and leave you feeling confident with your books.

The AIS Solutions Process

Working with us is a piece of cake. In three simple phases – onboarding, transformation, and maintenance – your books (and your business) will be running like a well-oiled machine.

1. Onboarding

This is the “get to know you” stage.


Beginning with a discovery questionnaire to get acquainted with you and your business, we’ll then have a chat to go a bit deeper into your processes, pain points, and aspirations.


Once we’ve gotten to know you, it’s time to get to know your books. We’ll proceed with a comprehensive assessment of the current state of your books and processes to help us determine exactly how we can help you to streamline your operations.


Once we’ve formed a plan of attack, we’ll communicate our findings and clearly outline the value that we can bring to your organization. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the flat-fee package that suits you best, and we can proceed to the fun part!

2. Transformation

This is where the magic happens.

This is where we’ll introduce you to your dedicated team, the pair of experts assigned to getting your financial ducks all in a row – and keeping them that way.

Then, the work begins! We’ll dive in and set up new software, apps, and systems to give your financial processes a brand-new face and have your business humming like never before. Not to worry, we also take the time to introduce and explain any and all changes to make sure that you’re comfortable with your new tools and able to handle your books like a pro.

As part of this transformation we’ll review your books and make sure that everything is in order, with all reconciliations completed. It doesn’t matter what state your books are in at the start of this stage – by the end, they’ll be squeaky clean.

3. Maintenance

It’s smooth sailing from here on out.


With the transformation phase complete, your books and processes have undergone a complete makeover and you’ve wiped the slate clean, ready for a fresh start.


From here on out it’s about putting those new systems into action and keeping those fresh books in tip top shape. Equipped with a brand-new comprehensive bookkeeping system, we’ll perform our monthly bookkeeping services to maintain that lustre and help you manage your business more effectively from here on out.

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Are you ready?

If you are ready, let’s get started.