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Our partners are more important than ever. As our industry is changing at a rapid pace, the introduction of 3rd Party Apps that integrate with QuickBooks Online are being launched fast and furious. (If you aren’t sure what an “App” is, check out this page first.)

If you aren’t sure what the RIGHT app is for your situation or business, then you’ve come to the right place. We have done the vetting for you already! After all, that is one reason why we were able to win the 2017 Global Firm of the Future.

Our Partner Selection process is intensive. Never would we recommend the use of an App without testing it out thoroughly ourselves first. We’ve gone through the due diligence for you already, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time.

Below are some of our Preferred Partners and if you’re ready to get going, just click on the icon to take you to their sign-in pages.

Preferred Partners for AIS Solutions Canada

Our Partners

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