Recruiting The Right Staff – An Alternative Option

join our team sign One of the biggest challenges of running a business is choosing and recruiting the right candidates for a position. Not only do they need to have the right qualifications, education and experience for the job, they also need to have a personality fit with the rest of my team at the office.
Here at AIS Solutions, as we have strived to establish a higher level of quality in our bookkeepers, we’ve laid out a unique recruiting process that’s helped us narrow down each candidate that applies for positions we post and take them through the steps that tell us whether or not they’d do well here. This has worked well for us in the past, and is something we plan on continuing for future hires, but it took a good deal of time, effort and testing to implement effectively.
For other small businesses that may still be in the early stages and are working on a recruitment plan that works for them, or for those of you that have had one too many bad experiences with the hiring process, I’ve come across a thought-provoking alternative that may work well. Over at, one of the more interesting business-based blogs we enjoy, there’s an article by Wally Peterson about recruitment software and how it can help you save time and money – and find the perfect candidate when it’s time to add the next member of your team.
Here’s an example that Mr. Peterson highlights regarding how recruitment software can help make the hiring process more efficient:
“Another really cool feature of good recruitment software is that it can actually collect a portfolio of applicants before a job is ever available or before they are even looking for a new job. By scouring social networks, resume databases, and the internet at large, the software can find people and have their names lined up for you before a need ever arises. Now that’s efficiency. It’s like having a crystal ball.”
The idea of having candidates lined up before we even realize we have a need for them to fill a position is intriguing, and an example of how programs like recruitment software can work in ways we are unable to. Add the time-saving aspect thanks to a nice, organized, pre-filtered list of potential hires and you’ve got yourself a pretty impressive formula for the process.
Like us, you may have your own unique system when it comes to recruiting a new team member, and it may work perfectly for you. If you’ve had some troubles with hiring recently, however, and are looking for a fresh method of narrowing down and choosing the right candidates, recruitment software might be an alternative solution worth considering. We’d recommend giving Mr. Peterson’s article a read to learn more about the benefits of these programs to see if they make sense for your business.
What do you think? Do you have your own unique hiring process? Have you ever tried recruitment software? Did it work well for you? Your thoughts are always welcome, so let us know!
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Juliet Aurora

Juliet Aurora is the CEO of AIS Solutions and Co-Founder of Kninja Knetwork. Through both of these businesses she fulfills her mission to Educate and Empower those around her. In 2017, her firm was named Intuit's Global Firm of the Future, the first time the title has ever been awarded to any firm outside of the US. She has also has been named as one of the Top 50 Women in Accounting, one of the Top 50 Cloud Accountants and one of the Top 10 Canadian Influencers in the Bookkeeping Industry. Her passion for education is channeled through the Intuit Trainer Writer Network, hosting Kninja Knowledge Webinars and most recently, developing a Cloud Accounting Course for the next generation of accounting professionals.


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