To Fix Rate or Not to Fix Rate – That is the Question

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man in office looking through window, being thoughtfulI don’t know if in your business you typically charge hourly or by the project, but I imagine it’s likely a policy decision you’ve wrestled with.

While many creative professionals such as graphic designers and writers charge by the project, more traditional professions such as law and accountancy tend to favour an hourly rate.

This latter category would ...

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Why Prospects Challenge Your Pricing Proposition

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man finger pushing best price red button on modern keyboard. 3d render. “It sounds great, but it’s a bit too expensive…”

How many times have you heard this from a potential customer when you’re selling? Heck, how many times have you said this yourself, whether you’re hiring a service for your company or shopping for something nice for the home?

In business ownership, price is always ...

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