Three Steps to Upgrade Your Leadership Operating System

learn and lead Effective leadership is what drives your business forward. It’s what ensures your employees are properly motivated, connected, and that they’re all on the same wavelength as one multi-functional team. It’s what keeps the day-to-day operations of your business running smoothly, and what helps you avoid any potential roadblocks or obstacles that stand in the way of achieving your goals. And like every other factor that contributes to the overall running of your company, your leadership strategy can only remain effective if it’s kept freshly upgraded and changed according to the lessons of the past.
At the end of 2012, in preparation for the new year, the website Leading With Trust published an article entitled LOS v.2013 – Three Steps to Upgrade Your Leadership Operating System. We found this to be a particularly enjoyable and rather intelligent piece of writing, thanks to its clever approach of comparing bringing your leadership strategy up-to-date with upgrading a piece of software. Despite the brief, three-step approach, the article offers some extremely insightful advice regarding effective leadership, breaking down the necessary actions in a compact, easy-to-understand list.
Although the end of the year was quite some time ago, the topic is still extremely relevant, especially because it’s likely not every business was ready to devise a new leadership system in time for 2013. Perhaps you’ve recently upgraded yours or are planning to do so soon; in any case, this is the type of advice that’s often considered timeless, and should come in handy the next time you want to take a fresh approach towards taking charge of your team.
Here’s one of the three steps outlined in the article:
“2. Determine the new LOS programs you want to install — What new things do you need to learn in 2013 in order to be a better leader? Where do you need to improve? The best leaders are continuous learners, always seeking new ways to improve their craft. Examining the areas for improvement you identified in your backup is a good place to start. Another helpful strategy is to ask for feedback, especially from those you lead. It takes some courage and willingness to be vulnerable to ask other people how you can improve, but the uncomfortableness will pale in comparison to the insights you’ll gain.”
Taking stock of what you’re doing and thinking of methods for improving it is an important step in any business strategy; it makes sense to look back at how you’ve been approaching your leadership system since it was last changed, what’s been working and what hasn’t, and how you can continue to make it as effective as possible.
Hats off to Leading With Trust for their clever approach to laying out how to bring your strategy up-to-date. It’s an enjoyable article, partly because of the entertaining analogy and partly because of the usefulness of the content. If you’re looking for straightforward but detailed advice on how you can effectively upgrade your leadership system and ensure it continues to work for you as your business grows, then you should definitely give this a read!
What are your thoughts? Have you recently upgraded your leadership system? Are you planning on doing it soon? Did you find the content of this article useful? Your comments are always welcome, so be sure to let us know!
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Juliet Aurora

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  1. Randy Conley

    Hi Juliet. I’m glad you found my article helpful. It’s important that all of us keep our Leadership Operating System up to date. We don’t want to experience any leadership “crashes” or “viruses” because we’re out of date!
    Best wishes,


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