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First things first – What are virtual accounting solutions?

Simply put, virtual bookkeeping is a form of bookkeeping that is carried out over the internet. It allows a bookkeeper to telecommute instead of carrying out the work in a physical setting.
Instead of entering receipts and expenses manually, the accountant uses accounting software to carry out the necessary work. This facilitates the collaborative process and grants the business executives easy access to vital information.

Due to the fast-paced evolution of cloud computing over the past few years, virtual accounting solutions, or cloud accounting as it is also known, are quickly gaining widespread popularity. This is mainly due to the high degree of comfort and accessibility this type of accounting solution provides. We’ll dive deeper into the benefits of virtual bookkeeping below on this page.

virtual bookkeeping services in Canada
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How do virtual bookkeepers operate?

Virtual accounting companies usually employ the latest cloud-based bookkeeping software to carry out their work. When setting up a collaboration with a virtual bookkeeping firm, the service offer is designed around the specific needs of each company. Modern accounting software allows bookkeepers to easily manage the complexities of taxes, payroll, budgeting, expenditures or billing.

One of the biggest advantages of virtual accounting solutions is the ability to scale with a business. If your company grows rapidly or finds itself in need of short-term additional help, it can be quite difficult to find that transition. Nowadays companies no longer have to put in the effort to find and install a new in-person accounting team. Instead, they can simply scale up their current contractual terms of service to fit their business needs.

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What are the main benefits of virtual bookkeeping solutions?

Compared to the traditional ways of carrying out accounting work, modern cloud-based accounting yields a lot more benefits. From the ability to scale effectively to not being limited by geographical restrictions, the advantages of outsourced virtual bookkeeping are many. Below you can take a look at some of the most important benefits of virtual accounting.

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Our dedicated professionals can help you along the entire process including the cloud-migration process. We go through five steps in order to ensure a smooth transition to virtual, cloud-based bookkeeping: analysis, conversion, verification, connections and training.

With over 20+ years of experience in bookkeeping, we can now leverage our experience in order to help other businesses grow and thrive. We believe in the digital economy. We understand that cloud technology is the ultimate tool to give small businesses a fair chance at growth and success. At the same time, we also know it’s vital to get the right information at the right time in order to navigate and manage your business the proper way. And that’s exactly what we provide to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

No, this will not be the case. When making the transition to cloud-based accounting you’ll be able to decide the level of access you need. After the set-up, the accounting firm you collaborate with will ensure that you’ll have 24/7 access to your business’s vital information.

Transferring accounting data from on-side to a remote bookkeeping company is a simple process that should not require you to make any big changes. Some companies that offer virtual accounting solutions, like AIS Solutions, operate with various software programs that make the switchover as painless as possible.

Cloud-based accounting software uses encrypted connections when transferring data. This means that the data is encrypted before sending from your device to the remote server and then again when it returns.

Yes, it is. When you opt-in for virtual bookkeeping services in Canada, apart from the high level of accessibility you’ll benefit from, cloud computing will also increase the security of your business data. Your data will be safe and secured through high-grade encryption.

Due to the high number of options existing, that is hardly the case. Cloud-based bookkeeping is a lot more affordable than traditional bookkeeping, halving the total estimated costs. Hiring an in-house accountant will usually mean a higher amount of finances allocated to that department, including salary, and instalment costs.